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Whitson Family Therapy

Design your life

At Whitson Family Therapy, our motto is “design your life.” If you are seeking therapy, it is likely because something in your life is not going the way you would like it to. Our goal is to help you develop the skills necessary to make your life exactly what you would like it to be. Rather that means working on individual issues, concerns with your child, or issues within your relationship or family, we offer quality services to help you achieve your goals and lead a more satisfying life. When you enter our waiting room, you will see a print that says, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” Our role in this process is to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve success in your interpersonal relationships and true happiness in your life. We hope you will make the decision to “design your life” and allow us to assist you with this process.  


Our Mission for Our Staff

To provide a work environment that allows for personal and professional growth and the flexibility within their schedules to live the life they truly want to live.

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Our Mission for Our Clients

To provide quality services to our clients to improve their level of happiness and allow them to design for themselves the life they truly want to live.

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